04/17/2018 In The News

    Seeking Alpha — Lithium Investing: Capital Continues To Flow Into Lithium Assets As Demand Rises

    In December 2017, I visited the Los Angeles Auto Show to better understand the transition to new energy vehicles. I was content with my findings. Every automaker either offered an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, but it was clear that the industry still requires another year before more options become available to the general population….

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    01/12/2018 In The News

    PR Newswire — Global Lithium-ion Battery Market 2017-2021

    The latest trend gaining momentum in the market is legislative support for battery recycling. Lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used battery type globally for many applications. Globally, governments worldwide are formulating regulations to recycle batteries that have harmful materials, such as lithium-ion cells to prevent groundwater and environmental contamination. Recycling can help extract useful…

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    12/11/2017 In The News

    CNBC — Electric vehicle demand leads to skyrocketing number of lithium-ion battery factories around the world

    The number of planned lithium-ion battery factories around the world is skyrocketing, according to a report from Benchmark Mineral Intelligence. There are 26 battery “megafactories” that are either in production and due to expand capacity or new operations due to be in production by 2021, Benchmark said in a blog post on Monday. Continue reading at CNBC

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