Core Lithium Corp. (“Core”) (OTC: CORX) is focused on the dramatic interest and opportunity in exploring, mining, and developing prospective Lithium assets. The company has acquired 100% ownership of fifty-six (56) mining titles totaling 7,840 acres of Eeyou Istchee territory in the James Bay region of Northern Quebec.  Located within a mining-friendly jurisdiction, the geology of the Core Lithium property shows similarities to nearby lithium mining operations such as Critical Elements Corp. Rose Deposit just 10 km SE of the Core Lithium project area.

The Core Lithium team has extensively studied historical government exploration data and determined that its property may contain Lithium-Cesium-Tantalum (LCT) pegmatite-bearing regional structures which had been overlooked, thus creating an opportunity for exploration and potential development.  The Core Lithium project is proximal to known LCT lithium deposits, existing infrastructure, and downstream facilities that will cumulatively offer cost benefits for future extraction and processing strategies.

Regionally, the Nemaska, Rose, and Cyr deposits have already been solidly staked. Furthermore, the Core Lithium project is situated very close to, and in the same lithologic domain as Critical Elements Corp.’s 26.5Mt (@1.34%) Li Rose deposit, which contains four pegmatite showings as mapped by government geologists. The Rose Deposit exhibits much of the same geological characteristics of the Core claims, with pegmatites occurring on both properties within granodiorite, tonalite, and monzogranite. The Rose project has been shown to produce concentrates which meet specifications for technical grade products, with a near-surface resource at an average depth of 13 meters. 


Christopher Vallos

President and Executive Director

As a senior executive, Mr. Vallos has a broad and deep experience as a general manager in both large corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Mr. Vallos’ experience provides a thorough understanding of the profit center concept, the management of annual budgeting, and profit planning Mr. Vallos thinks strategically, plans convincingly, and is particularly effective in an inter-active environment that emphasizes a high level of communication and teamwork. Areas of expertise include, financial and strategic analysis. mergers and acquisitions, marketing and deal structuring, as well as strong general management experience. Mr. Vallos holds a Master of Business Administration from Lake Erie College, Painesville Ohio. Mr. Vallos currently is Certified Six Sigma Black-Belt and has extensive experience in the financial and operational needs to run a successful company.

Ed Morrow

VP Mining Exploration

Mr. Morrow brings extensive mining expertise to our project. He has worked as an employee or consultant for over 35 years in exploration, development and production in the natural resources area – in multiple commodities. He has held line and executive positions within the mining and minerals industry with Sonoma Quicksilver, Utah International Inc, InterPace Corporation, Federal Bentonite Corporation, Homestake Mining company, Laminco Resources Inc, and Zaruma Resources Inc. Mr. Morrow also has over 10 years’ experience in real estate management including planning, entitlement, permitting, engineering and construction management.

Dov Zaidman

VP Finance

Mr. Zaidman is a founding partner of ZBS Group, LLP, a local practice based in Plainview, New York, where he manages both the Audit and Taxation Divisions. He has over 30 years of Private and Public Company Audit, International Business and tax experience His areas of expertise include real estate, internet services, wholesale, restaurants and construction. He represents foreign clients who have business relationships in the United States as well as American businesses with international dealings. Dov started his career in 1983 holding various positions in both public and private accounting. Prior to forming ZBS Group, LLP, Dov had been a partner at Frumkin, Lukin & Zaidman, CPA’s, P.C. In private accounting, he held the position of Assistant Director of Revenue with Tower Air International Inc and US Financial Controller at Travelex America, Inc. a major foreign currency exchange rm. While in this position, he gained international experience. ZBS Group LLP is an independent member of ABACUS Worldwide


Core Lithium aims to invest with integrity in order to develop a world-class Lithium asset and participate in what is rapidly becoming the premier hardrock lithium play in North America.

By leveraging our expertise, prime location, access to infrastructure, and proven ability to attract timely financing, the Company aims to build and deliver shareholder value in this exciting sector.

The principals, directors and advisors of Core Lithium have been individually and collectively involved in creating, building and successfully raising investment capital for their private and publicly-held ventures. Our team members have held numerous executive leadership positions in the mining and financial sectors.

The Company believes it can turn a minimal capital investment into a business model capable of impressive returns within a reasonably short timeline and leading potentially to a joint venture, buyout or production.

Core Lithium’s vision and desire is to build a world-class Lithium asset. We seek the participation of dedicated stakeholders and committed partners who appreciate our vision for the future of the lithium mining sector.

For our part, we intend to work collaboratively in the pursuit of creating a world-class company dedicated to nothing less than 100% success.